I was born and raised in the lower part of Brooklyn, NY. Growing up, I didn't have much exposure to art aside from my childhood drawings of The Karate Kid. Unfortunately, my illustration skills never took off, so I went about my life in a relatively normal manner - playing basketball and socializing with friends.

In my adult years, I pursued a career path with virtually no creative outlet. This was fine until I stumbled upon photography on a random internet blog. I was immediately captivated by the brilliance of these sweeping foreign landscapes and carefully crafted architectural frames, so I did what any working man would do - I bought an expensive camera. Having rediscovered my creative bug, I began to immerse myself in the hobby, finding daily inspiration in the imagery created by modern day artists.

My attention quickly turned towards the striking works of B&W fine art photographers. This motivated me to discover my own vision so that I too could portray the world around me as a unique expression of my soul, my dreams, and my beliefs. I quit my full-time job and relentlessly followed my passion. Today, I work predominantly in minimal black and white as I feel this is the most effective way to cut through the noise of modern-day living and share my interpretations of the world.